Our Strenth

We have spent a lot of time and capital to erect our Factory in Rajasthan. It comprises of Processing Floors, Grading Floor, Packing Floor, Blending Room and Container Loading area. We use Best in Class Hammer Pulverizers along with Micro Pulverizers to get a perfect grind. We have interlinked the Pulverizers to get a Hands Free process, also further attaching a Sieving machine to get a Uniform Grind.

The process is 100% Hands free, we go through a grading process and metal scanning process, before goods are fed to the feeder. The Pulverizer have Chilled air passing through the Spices at 5C degrees to reduce product temperature while grinding by 20C – 35C degrees, which will retain the aroma, taste, colour and shelf life. After we process the products we package them. In-House Packing Machines enables us to pack products with High Speed and Hygiene. It is vital for the products to be packed in their Final Packaging after its ground or blended to retain the aroma, taste, colour and shelf life.

JR Spices offers a wide variety of labelling options for our clients, we also undertake contract manufacturing. These services assist our clients to capitalise on their markets.

Our Speciality :

  • Best in class Stainless Steel Pulverizers.
  • Meticulous Grading and Batching.
  • Interlinked Pulverizer Design.
  • Hands Free Grinding to Avoid Contaminations.
  • Chilled Air Technology to Drop Grinding Temperatures.
  • Metal Scanning.
  • Micro Pulverizer along with a Sieving Machine gives a Uniform Grind.
  • State of the Art Roaster and Blender for all types of Spice Blends.
  • In-House Packing Machines for all Sizes 5grams to 25kgs.
  • Situated in the Heart of Rajasthan
  • Well Qualified Personnel’s.
  • Lab Testing before Shipment.